DREAMY CUBE CURVE — Gruppenausstellung internationaler Künstler:innen

International Residents: Jesse Asselman (NL), Ilona Za Kuzniatsova (BY/CY), Mar Ripoll (ES), Joongok Kim (KO), Maddox Pratt (US/DE), Shanna Zentner (US), Haim Levac (IL), Celine Ordioni (US), Kateryna Bortsova (UA), Yana Jiao (CN) Local Participants: Linus Clostermann (DE), Martin Zeigeler (DE)

Imagine a parsimonious choreography of forms, angles and figures. It’s difficult to differentiate them clearly. One is the future of the other. The cube meets the curve. They say hello to each other.

And then, they attract.

As they merge, they become blurred, and disappear. What once was, now only exists in our unconscious. What has emerged is a singular entity, with a multitude of dualities. Such forms return to the movement from whence they came, incorporated into the spiral of the universe.

curator Marco Valtierra
  • Vernissage,